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I have never had a more thorough and comprehensive examination and testing as I have with this group. Everyone in the office was kind, caring, and efficient . Julie was incredible! She spent so much time with me to try to discover the root of my allergies. She explained the procedures and the treatment in great detail. I feel so lucky to have found this caring and concerned group of people.

Alana L.

Everyone at the office is so friendly and caring!
The front desk/Nurse was pleasant and welcoming.. I loved that they kept me feeling comfortable.
Walking me through each step and talking to me while we do test.
I wasn’t rushed. The provider was very confident and knowledgeable.
I felt like they actually cared about my health.

Alexandra M.

I started experiencing swollen eyes for 2 years in a row for 4 months during October through January and I had no idea why. I was embarrassed to go out of the house it was so bad. I finally sought Allergy Associates and was very much educated on allergies. My next appointment involved my allergy test. I received my results that same day within minutes and was amazed by the results. My results showed some very high sensitivity to the allergens during October through January, which made sense as to why my eyes would swell up during that time. I finally received my first shots (included 2 different) which were concentrations of the highly and semi sensitive allergens I was allergic too. I waited at the office for 30 minutes to make sure I had no reaction, and did not. Later today I realized my eyes were not watering and itchy from the oak pollen which is one of my allergies, but not one that caused my eye swelling , but only itchy watery eyes during this season. I am so happy and Amazed by this. Again this was my first shots. If you suffer from Allergies, you must go see Allergy Associates today! Why wait? Get relief! Every staff member were professional, educational and helpful. I visited the Sarasota and Venice location.

Amy P.

I am a new patient & walked away VERY impressed! Very courteous, knowledgeable & attentive staff & Julie was amazing!

Rhonda A.

I am very grateful to be working with Dr. Rucker and her team at Allergy Associates. She has helped me get the answers, guidance, and treatments options I have been looking for. A very good team to work with!

Rick J.

My experiences with skin and allergy doctors ranges throughout the USA and even the world with my experiences with the US military. Dr Julie Daughtery is the best I have seen. She is not afraid of a stiff challenge, and she will research to find appropriate answers to things that defy resolution. I would highly recommend her “as up to the task” for things that others would refer on. She’s the BEST!!

gretchen l.

We went in as a copple and were seen at the same time! Very complete detailed testing procedures! Used the gold standard instead of only the forearm scratch test as was done in Dallas. Extremely friendly and professional! Was called within minutes of arrival NO waiting! Flexible hours to receive shots once they are ready. My wife had one test spot that did not clear the next day and they were concerned when we called and had her come in ASAP. Rare but it does happen and they were fast on response!Highly recommended!

Dave R.

Wonderful caring and empathetic care. Highly recommend.

Jeffrey S.

The staff was friendly and responsive to all my needs by rendering a high quality examination and a thorough review of my allergies.

Lane R.

Probably the best doctor visit I’ve had , very knowledgeable and knew way beyond what was needed to correct the issue I hadThe doctor expressed a deep knowledge of her skills and made you feel very comfortable that she was concerned for your problem.If I had to describe the visit I’d say a little bit of a Camp counselor a little bit of Einstein in a little bit of Jerry Seinfeld and throw a a little bit of the mad scientist in a good way.This is all good I really felt like the doctor cared and would be in my fight to fix my problem for the long-haul till I was betterThe visit was very refreshing And I truly felt like I had a partner Helping me fix my conditionKudos

michael l.