We are excited to announce our new location in Loxahatchee Florida!

Locations - Premier Allergist: Venice, FL Office

Premier Allergist: Venice, FL Office

Find Relief from Allergy and Asthma in Venice FL at Premier Allergist of Florida

Premier Allergist of Florida is a team of physicians and nurses trained in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. For over 43 years, we have provided the greater Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton and Loxahatchee communities with newest, most comprehensive techniques for testing, diagnosis, and treatment. The continuing mission of our practice is to maximize patient access to modern, innovative medicine, and educate them with the knowledge they need to fully understand their conditions. We go above and beyond providing symptomatic relief from allergies, asthma, and skin conditions. By addressing underlying source of problems, our talented providers enable patients to live their fullest, healthiest lives.

400 S Tamiami Trail, Suite 170, Venice, FL 34285

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Allergy & Asthma Relief Across Laurel, South Venice & Englewood, FL

Allergy & Asthma Specialists in Venice, FL

Put your ‘allergist near me’ searches to rest. Premier Allergist of Florida is your best resource for customized allergy and asthma treatment from highly experienced specialists. With a convenient location that is near Laurel, South Venice, Englewood, Gulf Gate Estates, North Port, FL, patients have easy access to our adult and pediatric services. Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today to get the allergy, asthma, and immunology care that you deserve.

Our Care Team

  • Bill K.

    After 3 attempts to set an appointment I should have known there was going to be issues. The tests that were run cost a small fortune and no one ever disclosed any pricing to me. If you knew a Steak House was going to charge $250 for just the steak would you stay or go next door to Outback and get the same cut of meat from a less "happy" cow plus Baked Potatoe and a salad for $25? At least the Steak House has the decency to tell you how much the steak will cost. For $500 (after Insurance) I was told to double the OTC med I was already using, but I am no better off and to continue I'll have to spend thousands more for custom made injections that may or may not help. I'm getting up from the table and walking next door to Outback before I lose anymore money. I'm sure my Primary care Dr could have given me the same advice for a $20 Co-pay!

  • Jacquie M.

    Dr. Rucker was thorough and she had a lot of patience. Her exam was based on both educational and instinctual feedback. Her communication skills were also excellent. Would highly recommend.

  • Patrick M.

    If you have mold in your home see Julie Daugherty, PhD. We had multiple leaks in our roof. We got sick and she has made my life better. Mold can kill you. You need an expert so you can breath. If you get a roof leak in your home, make sure your association replaces the roof and not patch. This Doctor will make you get back on the road to a healthy, long, and productive existence. This place is great.

  • Alana L.

    I have never had a more thorough and comprehensive examination and testing as I have with this group. Everyone in the office was kind, caring, and efficient . Julie was incredible! She spent so much time with me to try to discover the root of my allergies. She explained the procedures and the treatment in great detail. I feel so lucky to have found this caring and concerned group of people.

  • Amy P.

    I started experiencing swollen eyes for 2 years in a row for 4 months during October through January and I had no idea why. I was embarrassed to go out of the house it was so bad. I finally sought Allergy Associates and was very much educated on allergies. My next appointment involved my allergy test. I received my results that same day within minutes and was amazed by the results. My results showed some very high sensitivity to the allergens during October through January, which made sense as to why my eyes would swell up during that time. I finally received my first shots (included 2 different) which were concentrations of the highly and semi sensitive allergens I was allergic too. I waited at the office for 30 minutes to make sure I had no reaction, and did not. Later today I realized my eyes were not watering and itchy from the oak pollen which is one of my allergies, but not one that caused my eye swelling , but only itchy watery eyes during this season. I am so happy and Amazed by this. Again this was my first shots. If you suffer from Allergies, you must go see Allergy Associates today! Why wait? Get relief! Every staff member were professional, educational and helpful. I visited the Sarasota and Venice location.

  • Paulette M.

    Dr. Julie and her staff are amazing. JULIE GOES WAY OUT OF HER WAY TO RESEARCH ALL QUESTIONS. She is intelligent and goes way beyond all expectations. She is the best doctor I have ever come across!

  • Rose F.

    I can't say enough of the professionalism of the staff. I give them a 5 star for sure. I am so glad I went because Dr Patel was very thorough and patient. I feel confident my eye allergy will be helped. Thank you Dr Patel.

  • Phil S.

    Dr. Patel is very professional, patient, kindly...and is unusually knowledgeable. She explains everything thoroughly, and is quick to assess what her patient is most worried about. I would recommend her enthusiastically.

  • Crystal D.

    I had my first visit today and I was there for 2 + hours. Not waiting. They brought me back right away but this was my initial visit with testing. They spent 2 hours with me testing me for my allergies testing my lung function an ld going over all the results and the treatment plan with me. The doctor spent a lot of time going over everything, explaining the tx options, etc. It was a nice change of pace to have a doctor not only listen, but take the time to truly test you and then take the time to explain it all that same visit and explain and not just give you treatment options.

  • jan s.

    Efficient and caring staff (receptionist and nurse) were friendly, yet professional. Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable and willing to listen to my concerns and give her professional opinion and advice. Very good experience.

  • Linda P.

    I can't rave enough about how friendly the staff was. Dr. Julie Daugherty was personal and made me feel comfortable. You don't get top notch treatment these days. I would highly recommend her and give 5 stars!!

  • Debi S.

    This group deserves 10 stars!
    A 3 month long complex medical situation led me to several physicians. Wanting a second opinion I found the Allergy Associates on line. Absolutely each staff member from Carol who scheduled me, Receptionist Cara, Nurse Karrie and Julie Daughtery PhD, NP-C treated me professionally with kindness and respect. They listened to me and were genuinely interested in helping me. I can’t say enough positives about Julie. She was amazing. She took time to listen to me, to brainstorm my situation m, review the medical information I brought, discuss every aspect and concern I had. She research and provided me with a follow up home phone call.
    The Allergy Associates are 10 star!
    You will be in the very best hands here!